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A Ph.D. in Happiness: What 10,000 Hours of Meditation Actually Does to Your Brain

A Ph.D. in Happiness: What 10,000 Hours of Meditation Actually Does to Your Brain

Gary Weber is an interesting guy.

Over 15 years ago he was the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, with a thousand or so employees under his leadership.

Everything was going normally, except on one morning when something very strange happened to Gary.

He lost his mind.

Gary was doing his morning Yoga ritual and went up into a pose that he had done thousands of times. He was practicing a simple self-inquiry meditation, and when he came down, his mind was gone.

When I say lost his mind, I don’t mean he lost control (he would say he never had it). What I mean is that he lost all self-referential thoughts; the never-ending stream of noise that goes through ours heads every single day.

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The Psychology of Confidence at Work: 5 Simple Tactics to Guarantee Long-Lasting Self Belief

The Psychology of Confidence at Work: 5 Simple Tactics to Guarantee Long-Lasting Self Belief

Let me start this off with a little bit of honesty.

You may not know why you are reading this. But I’m pretty sure I do.

And let’s be clear. It’s not because you lack a skill. Nor is it because you lack time.

It’s not because your co-workers are difficult, or you need a quick boost of motivation from the Internet.

And it’s definitely not because of that sneaky little lie your ego is harboring.

You know the one.

The one that waits gutlessly until your body is tired. Until you’re hungry or you’re sleepy or your boss has just scolded you.

The one that seizes the moment and whispers “maybe you’re just not good enough,” and in the second of weariness you just about believe it.

No, that’s not why you are here.

You’re here because you understand that a lot of the time, skill doesn’t mean confidence.

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The Ultimate Guide to Having Unlimited Energy at Work

The Ultimate Guide to Having Unlimited Energy at Work

Tell me you haven’t had this feeling.

It’s the end of the day, and you’re sitting on the couch at home, exhausted. Your back feels stiff, and your brain is tired and fuzzy.

You’re trying to take a break, but even in your moment of rest, the idea that tomorrow you’ve got to get up and continue to work on a million and one things is still floating around in the back of your mind.

And the worst part about this?

It’s that throughout all the tiredness and exhaustion you’re still sitting there and thinking: “I could’ve done more today.”

I know that feeling all too well.

Whereas once upon a time I would have had this experience almost every single day without exception (weekends included), fortunately now it’s far less often.

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Why Following Your Passion is Terrible Advice and What You Should do Instead

Why Following Your Passion is Terrible Advice and What You Should do Instead

Do you ever feel like your work life could be more rewarding?

I mean, it’s paying the bills, and you’re grateful to have it. And it’s definitely not the worst job in the world.

Like many of us, you probably have good days and bad days, but when all is said and done, there is still something missing?

The truth is that the problem isn’t with the job. And it’s not with the work itself.

The problem is with where you have been looking for rewards.

American novelist Charles Bukowski famously said: “my dear, find what you love and let it kill you.”

Which by the way is…..terrible advice.

Don’t follow your passion blindly until it kills you. Find what you love and let it fuel you.

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What is the Monkey Mind?

Monkey Mind describes a mind that is overrun with drunken monkeys, screeching, chattering, and causing absolute mayhem.

These monkeys, for example insecurity, each have a negative impact on our day-to-day lives. And collectively, they cause even more havoc, causing us to lose focus in our work and become distracted, stressed, and agitated.

In the 21st-century, the Monkey Mind is more common than ever. But instead of just a few drunken monkeys, it's an epic-monkey-festival, fueled by 24/7 connectivity, rapidly advancing tech, information overload, and pings from social media.

But how do we bring calm to the monkeys and regain control of our minds?

It all starts with grabbing a drink and making friends with them.

Welcome to the party!

Who are we?

Project Monkey Mind was created by two digital nomads and cousins, Joe and Ben.

Raised on opposite sides of the world, they've now reunited in Barcelona, Spain, to share and explore their experiences of the Monkey Mind and cognitive simians of all shapes and sizes.

As digital country hoppers and close friends with distraction, they started Project Monkey Mind to share with the world their ideas about how tech, psychology, and spirituality can be used to overcome the limitations of our biology and environments, and help us live more productive, meaningful lives!









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