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What is the Monkey Mind? (Animated Video)

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The Psychology of Fear: 6 Powerful Pre-programmed Human Fears and How to Overcome Them

There’s a big question we all need to consider. It’s not easy — in fact, it’s pretty confronting…. but it needs to be asked. The question is: Are we letting fear run our culture? With the recent shock election result, recently we’ve seen a lot of fear and confusion dominate the mainstream narrative. But the reality is the news often profits from the perpetuation of distressing emotions, and all the time at the expense of our collective mental health. Fear doesn’t make for good decision-making. In order ... Read more

The Psychology of Confidence at Work: 5 Simple Tactics to Guarantee Long-Lasting Self Belief

Let me start off with a little bit of honesty. You may not know why you are reading this. But I’m pretty sure I do. And let’s be clear. It’s not because you lack a skill. Nor is it because you lack time. It’s not because your co-workers are difficult, or you need a quick boost of motivation from the Internet. And it’s definitely not because of that sneaky little lie your ego is harboring. You know the one. The one that waits gutlessly until your body ... Read more