Habits Coaching

I know quite a lot about human psychology.

In fact, I have spent the last 9 news chewing through hundreds of books on behavioural change; from psychology to science to philosophy to spirituality and self-help, and I’ve come across A LOT of different processes.

So when I found the Tiny Habits Method, I was kind of shocked. Because well, it was so simple. Unbelievably simple. And after experimenting with it myself, as well as with my family, my friends, and eventually my coaching clients, I realised pretty quickly that it actually worked.

All the old clichés about behavioural change were being shattered.

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Turns out you can.

“It takes 66 days to form a new habit.” Wrong.

“Behavioural change is slow, painful, and a little boring.” Not in the least.

So what exactly is it?

Tiny Habits® is a method of Behavioural Change created by Stanford Professor BJ Fogg.

BJ realised that only three factors contributed to behavioural change in the long term.

  1. Having an epiphany
  2. Changing your environment (surroundings)
  3. Taking baby steps

While forcing an epiphany isn’t really practical, when we break the other two factors down, we can create lasting habits in relatively short periods of time.


I’m now a certified coach in the method and dedicated to sharing it with others.


If you’d like a FREE 15-minute consultation to see how Tiny Habits could help you, contact me at ben@projectmonkeymind.com.


*Packages start at $480USD and run for 6,8 or 12 weeks*


NOTE: I take my coaching very seriously, have a money-back guarantee and only accept a handful of clients at a time. All packages include unlimited email and Whatsapp contact for the period of the program.


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