Welcome to the Self-Esteem Challenge

This page is where you can navigate to any day of the challenge at your own pace. In the event that you miss a day or have already begun the challenge, come to this page when you are ready to continue on. It also includes all the BONUS downloads – so don’t forget to check those out as well!


Day 1: Remembering Your Strengths

Day 2: Affirming Your Self

Day 3: Eliminating Toxic Self-Talk

Day 4: Complaint Free Day

Day 5: Cognitive Reframing

Day 6: Find Some Awe

Day 7: The Calm Pause 

Day 8: The Inner Smile

Day 9: Dissolving Boundaries

Day 10: Letting Go


BONUSES (Right-Click Save As to Download)

Audio Bonus #1: Guided Body Scan Meditation

Audio Bonus #2: Guided Morning Meditation for Focused Energy

Audio Bonus #3: Guided Affirmations for Gratitude

Audio Bonus #4: Guided Affirmations for Morning Energy

PDF Worksheet Bonus #1: Self-Defeating Thoughts Fact Sheet

PDF Worksheet Bonus #2: Challenging Negative Self-Talk Worksheet

PDF Worksheet Bonus #3: Stopping Self-Sabotage

PDF Worksheet Bonus #4: Positive Habits for Happiness